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I like to refer to myself as a hybrid shooter. I started in film then discovered my passion for photography. I was introduced to film purely by accident and I've never tried to correct that course. I look forward to learning all the tips and tricks that I don't know yet.

 I find that when it comes to my studio photography I mixed the two worlds together by making my clients the stars. I find that when you give clients roles or situations the true vibes and energy comes out.  When clients are free from anxiety and uncomfort they have the best time ever. So I let energy be my method, I let the vibes dictate the outcome, and I let camera talk.


Don Juan Ibitayo


Owner & Professional Dreamer


The Chicagoan Movie


A Chicago teen is accused of a crime he didn't commit will he become a PRODUCT of his environment. The Chicagoan was my first ever film. It was written by my then business partner Antonio Spells. The cinematography and editing was handled by Devon Kidd and myself.

Catfish fillet 1&2


catfish fillet.jpg

This was my 2nd production that I actually got a little shine on IMBD. I unfortunately don't have any footage or further information for promo.



Did anyone call a cab?
A short horror about a young lady who is kidnapped after catching a cab to go out with friends.

Natasha is planning to go out with her friends for the night but when she takes to long to get ready and her friends leave her, she is forced to take a cab.

This will be the ride of her life...



A gang war In Chicago and its effects on the neighborhood. Shooters was my last film that i shot for In House Films. 

Friends, Family, & Lovers


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